Professional Profile of Hans Gottinger


Studied mathematics and economics at the Univ. of Goettingen and Munich, Germany.

Diploma in Economics, Univ. of Munich, 1966,

Ph. D. in Economics, Univ. of Munich 1970,

Habilitation (Statistics, Econometrics)

Technical Univ. of Munich (TUM), 1972

Research Associate and Lecturer,

Inst. of Statistics, Univ. of Munich,

1968-70, Ford Foundation Fellow, Univ.of California, Berkeley, 1970-74

Professor of Economics, IME, Univ.of Bielefeld, Germany, 1973-80

Professor, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 22901, 1981-1985

Director, Institute for Technological Forecasting and Assessment, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Bonn, 1985-90

Senior Research Director, Oxford Inst. for Strategic Economic and Energy Analysis (OIES), 1991-1992

Project Director, International Institute of Management Science, Maastricht, NL and  Research Director, National Economic Research Associates (NERA), London, 1993-2000

Professor, KGU and IIR, Hitotsubashi Univ., Tokyo, 2000-2007

Executive Research Director, STRATEC, Germany, 2007-,

Major Consulting Assignments:

IBM San Jose, California, 1972-73,

Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, 1978-80, Battelle Institute, 1984-86,

Nomura Research Inst., Tokyo 1988, 1994-1996,

Arthur D. Little, Wiesbaden, 2000-2002,

Europe Economics, London, 2003,

Major publications, over 100 research articles in international professional journals, collected volumes: operations research, decision support systems, integrated economic modeling and policy analysis, managerial , information and regulatory economics, energy, environmental and resource economics

Associate editor of  international journals, Co-editor, Methods of OperationsResearch, Theory and Decision, International Journal of Technology Management, International Journal of Managerial Decision-Making and Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Major books and special issues of journals:

Foundations of Decision Analysis (in German), Stuttgart 1974,

Decision Theory and Social Ethics (with W. Leinfellner), Dordrecht 1978,

Elements of Statistical Analysis, Berlin, New York 1980, Coping with Complexity: Perspectives for Economics and Management, Dordrecht 1983,

The Management of Public Programs (in German), Berlin 1986,

Artificial Intelligence: A Tool for Management and Business (with P. Weimann), Chichester, New York 1990,

Economic Models of Solid Waste Management, New York 1991,

Hazardous Waste:

Economic Risk Reductions, editor, Intern. Jour. of Environmental Pollution and Control (IJEP), 1997,

Global Telecommunications and the Internet, NTT Report (with M. Takashima), Global Environmental Economics , Boston 1998,

Monitoring Pollution Accidents (The Case of Oil Spills), IJEP 2000,

Economies of Network Industries, Routledge, London, 2003,

Optimal Energy Economics under Global Environmental Constraints, IJEP. 2003,

Innovation, Technology and Hypercompetition, Routledge, London 2006,

Strategic Economics of Network Industries, Nova Science Publishers, New York 2009,

Strategic Alliances in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (with C. Umali and F. Floether)

Strategies of Economics Growth and Catch Up, Nova Science Publ., New York, 2012 (with M. Goosen, M. Takashima)

For books see

*Focus of Research, Consulting and Teaching Activities: Economics and Management of Network Industries (Telecommunications and Energy), Regulatory, Industrial and Resource Economics, Decision Analysis and Strategy, Health Economics

Projects undertaken with NTT, C&W, Statoil, US Environmental Protection Agency, TNO, IOPC (London), EU-Publications

Editor-in-Chief, The Open Business Journal, Bentham Science 2012