Editorial Activities:

International Jour. Policy Analysis and Information Systems, 1979

Math. Social Sciences, 1979

Theory and Decision, 1981

International Jour. of Technology Management, 1986

Telecommunications Review, 1994

Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2002-

International Journal of Revenue Management, 2006-

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– International Statistical Institute

– American Economic Association

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– New York Academy of Science, New York


– Information Economics and Systems

– Management Science, OR, Modelling and Computation

– Statist. Decision Theory and Decision Analysis

– Introduction to Operations Research

– Managerial Economics

– Economics of Uncertainty

– Probability and Statistics for Business and Economics (undergrad./grad.)

– Industrial Economics and Policy

– Public and Regulatory Economics

– Statistical Analysis

– Decision Support Systems

– Technological and Economic Forecasting

– Intelligent Decision Systems

– Environmental Economics and Management

– Energy Economics

– Mathematical Methods in Economics

– Risk Analysis

– Network Economics and Management

– Economics of Innovation and Technology

– Strategic Planning and Management


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